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I can offer the below services to organizations/companies in California to support corporate wellness, team building, and creativity, as well as to California mental health treatment centers and senior living centers to complement current treatment offerings for clients struggling with binge eating, food addiction, weight management issues, bulimia, emotional eating, anxiety, grief, life transitions, stress, addiction.

I focus on enhancing cognitive flexibility, embodiment, and relationship (to self and others) through experiential processes in an overall holistic approach integrating mind, body, and spirit.

In general, my services would support participants in exploring their lived experiences in creative, expansive, and embodied ways; finding meaning; and working with parts of self/inner roles.

Trained in drama therapy, I can offer experiential online groups or workshops for adults. Drama therapy is largely a relational, embodied, and process-oriented approach to exploring and grappling with human experiences. You can learn more about how I use drama therapy in clinical work here

My clinical skills and processes include:

  • CardPlay (a process I developed that is grounded in drama therapy and intended to support self exploration and personal growth; more info here)
  • Improv (to support active exploration, embodiment, cognitive flexibility, spontaneity, play, work with parts of self/inner roles, relationships, communication, mindfulness, collaboration, and more)
  • Story/narrative
  • Metaphor
  • I often integrate elements of other modalities such as ACT, DBT/RO-DBT, psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (emphasis on behavior), schema therapy, inner roles/parts of self, psychodrama, and expressive arts

I can offer workshops structured around psychoeducational topics such as self care, wellness & wellbeing, anxiety, stress management, bidirectionally of mind/body (how one influences and impacts the other), embodied cognition (the role of the body in cognition & emotion), self expression, communication, and drama therapy (including metabolic drama therapy & the role of metabolism and mitochondria in mental health), enhancing creative thinking/creativity/flexibilty/overcoming creative blocks, and more.

Workshops can also be structured as experiential and active introductions into groups on topics such as expressive arts, drama therapy, creativity, teambuilding, and improv (applied to personal growth/wellness). I can create a customized drama therapy workshop to meet the needs of your organization or clients.

Some examples specific groups or workshops I can facilitate are:

Improv for Personal Growth: Improv provides many benefits including enhancing creativity, facilitating embodiment, promoting movement, enhancing social connection, enhancing communication, and facilitating collaboration. Participants will learn improv skills through a variety of experiential improv/theatre games and activities. This can be applied to a corporate setting.

Personally Meaningful Improv & Scenework: More focused on relationships and characters/parts of self/inner roles than Improv Class. Uses written material (scenes). Participants encouraged to make connections to their own lived experiences.

StoryCraft: StoryCraft helps participants organize their life experiences within story frameworks to find meaning and support self-exploration. StoryCraft may include slide presentations for each session and worksheets for participants to complete between sessions. For corporate clients, StoryCraft can focus on narratives related to customers and products and/or one’s identity/role as a leader.

CardPlay: CardPlay is a creative process for self-exploration and reflection using imagery cards and other props. Find some details and activities here

Overcoming Emotional Eating: This is a group for people struggling with emotional eating, binge eating, or food addiction.

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