Couples Therapy

Worry you’re headed for divorce? Struggling to heal from an affair, cheating, or infidelity? Want to strengthen connection and intimacy with your partner? Feel stuck in cycles of misunderstandings and arguments? Want to increase fun and playfulness in your relationship?

We are a social species. Our relationships impact our mental health in profound ways. Working to improve relationship issues as a couple is an important process to support health and wellbeing. In couples therapy you’ll learn effective ways to communicate feelings, needs, and desires so you both get what you want from your relationship. I provide primarily online couples therapy for residents of the Bay Area, and anywhere in California.

Some issues couples might be grappling with are:

Work/Life/Family Balance

Blended Families


Communication Issues

Extended Family



Supporting a partner with a mental health issue

Marriage Readiness/Pre-Marital Counseling

Attachment Styles

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