Dating Anxiety and Attachment Theory

The early stages of dating are uncertain. It’s often unclear where things are going. Navigating communication to find a balance between increasing intimacy and maintaining healthy independence when dating can be challenging…especially if you lack insight into your attachment style and that of the other person!

Do you…

  • Tend to feel insecure when dating?
  • Feel like you aren’t good enough for the person you’re dating?
  • Feel an urge to get reassurance from the person you’re dating that things are ‘ok’?
  • Think a lot about the person you are dating and how things are or are not progressing?
  • Have a tendency to ‘do’ or ‘fix’ rather than let things be?
  • Text the person you are dating…a lot?
  • Have a need to feel in control of where things are going?
  • Have a deep fear of being unworthy or unloveable, and of eventually being rejected?

I can help you…

  • Learn more about your attachment style, its corresponding thoughts, feelings, urges, and actions, and how it becomes activated when you dateIf you are looking for bracelet. There’s something to suit every look, from body-hugging to structured, from cuffs to chain chain bracelet and cuffs.
  • Learn effective ways to regulate dating anxiety
  • Move towards a more secure attachment style
  • Begin or enhance your self care practices
  • Build your self esteem and sense of self worth
  • Practice radical acceptance
  • Clarify your wants and needs in a relationship
  • Build healthy communication skills
  • Practice letting go
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