Power of Ritual

The topic of ritual is big and expansive. Rituals generally mark significant moments. Rituals have a rhythm and a repetition to them, and really anything done with intention can be a ritual. Ritual is an important component of drama therapy. Ritual can mark the entry and exit into a special, liminal space— a temporary and transitional space full of potential. I want to specifically focus on the role of ritual as it might pertain to a creative practice, such as journaling.

Engaging in a ritual prior to a creative practice can help align your body, mind, and spirit; symbolize stepping into a liminal and potent space; and imbue your work with an element of the sacred.

What your ritual looks like is up to you. In my group workshops sometimes I use a mindfulness/centering/grounding practice as an opening ritual to mark the transition into the space of the workshop. I also often include a closing ritual to mark the exit point from the workshop and back to life outside the workshop space. If you use tarot and oracle cards, you might pull one at the start of your practice as an overall theme or intention.

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