Author name: Tova Abelman

Power of Ritual

The topic of ritual is big and expansive. Rituals generally mark significant moments. Rituals have a rhythm and a repetition to them, and really anything done with intention can be a ritual. Ritual is an important component of drama therapy. Ritual can mark the entry and exit into a special, liminal space— a temporary and […]

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Practices For Weight Loss— Mindfulness/Centering

Many mindfulness practices encourage turning inward: noticing inner sensations and thoughts nonjudgmentally, non reactively. This can be a powerful practice. But so can turning attention outward to take in one’s surroundings. Not only can this function as a grounding practice, it can also awaken creativity and curiosity as we tune in to the details and

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Weight Loss Practices

People struggle with weight loss and weight maintenance for varied reasons. At a physiological level, in a sense “all roads lead to Rome” in that the core processes promoting weight gain on the cellular level are likely driven by core mechanisms involving mitochondria. Whether it’s a microbiome disruption, insulin resistance, obesogens, inflammation, stress, poor sleep,

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Losing Weight with Your Partner

Couples therapy can be the ideal place to address weight management issues. Whether both partners need to lose weight to improve health and wellbeing or one partner struggles with binge eating or emotional eating, working together provides space to address inner and outer obstacles that prevent reaching and maintaining a healthy weight together. Working together

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Struggling With Emotional Eating or Binge Eating & Want to Lose Weight?

Consider shifting your focus from weight loss to health. There are many different types of healthy eating patterns developed by doctors to support a variety of health goals including brain health, gut health, longevity, blood sugar regulation/diabetes, strength, etc. Try researching and reading up on a few different approaches, and find what resonates with you.

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What is drama therapy?

People often ask me what drama therapy is. I think the answer to that is a bit complex. There isn’t one way to practice drama therapy.  NADTA, the North American Drama Therapy Association, answers the question here It’s a pretty good definition. I would add, or perhaps clarify, a few things, at least to further

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Emotional Eating & Inner Parts of Self

Many people struggle with emotional eating. What do I mean by ’emotional eating’? A sense of feeling out of control around food and eating in response to emotions (usually difficult ones like anger, sadness, anxiety, stress, boredom) or physical sensations (such as feeling tired, cravings, urges). It’s almost as if there are (at least) 2

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