Card Play Practice— Weekly Guide Card

Deck: Cosmic Creatures

This is a basic practice to get started with Card Play. Decks with figures or entities (people, characters, goddesses, mythological beings, fairies, unicorns, animals, dragons, etc) work best. This is a weekly practice to choose a card to represent a kind of ‘guide’ for the upcoming week. Below I will describe steps you can take, but feel free to modify and make this your own unique practice.

  1. Take a moment to close your eyes or softly gaze down and imagine your upcoming week: the challenges, events, and situations you anticipate as well as your broader overall life context. Think about what you could use support with.
  2. Choose a card by either: a. Shuffling and randomly choosing a card or b. Specifically looking through the deck and choosing a card you feel drawn to.
  3. Reflect on your interpretations and meanings of the card. If you like, read the card’s meaning in an accompanying guidebook (if available) and/or research elements of the card using a symbols or even a dream dictionary. Synthesize and integrate with your own meanings. This is ultimately a creative and personal process.
  4. Place this card somewhere you will see it during the week.
  5. Optional: during the week further explore this card using additional Card Play techniques (such as ‘Supportive Presence’) which I will describe in future blog posts.
  6. Optional: When you choose a new card for another week, develop a ritual of expressing gratitude for/thanking the entity on the card for its guidance and support and ‘release’ it back into the deck.
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