Card Play Practice & Questions List: How I Feel Right Now

Below questions can be used with other Card Play practices.

This practice is intended to explore your present moment experience.

  1. Randomly choose 9 cards from your preferred deck and lay them face up.
  2. Select the card you are most drawn to for whatever reason. No need to overthink this.
  3. Inquire using any or all of the below questions, aloud or in your journal:
    1. What is going on in the image and how might it relate to me?
    2. What was it about this image that led me choose it?
    3. How do I feel when I look at the image?
    4. What emotions does the image evoke in me?
    5. What thoughts does the image evoke in me?
    6. What needs are represented in this image?
    7. How could those needs be met? [consider using Healing Concept Cards]
    8. Who could support this image? [consider using Roles or Character Concept Cards and explore these as internal roles/parts of self]
    9. What memories does the image evoke in me?
    10. What do I not like about the image? Why?
    11. What, if anything, would I change about this card? Why?
    12. Do I see myself represented in this image? You might see yourself represented as a character, an object, a color, some other aspect of the image, or in your role as an outside observer.
    13. How does a given figure/character or element in the image feel?
    14. What does that figure/character or element want to do?
    15. How does that figure/character or element relate to its surroundings?
    16. Who or what is affecting the figure/character or element?
    17. What can I tell or advise this figure/character or element?
    18. What message does this figure/character or element have for me, if they could speak to me right now?
    19. What will happen next in the image? [can draw another card using the 9 or 4 card spread previously described]
    20. What would I title this card? [can use paint chips or other props to develop your title]
    21. What does this card say about me and my situation?

Optional: Add one or more word Concept Cards (particularly Fundamental Concept Cards) to see how or if these impact your above answers. Consider adding Healing Concept Cards that could support the image and explore the relevance of these to yourself. 

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