Card Play Practice: Personal Challenges & Meanings

Title: Nectar of the Goddess [Decks: Dixit, my Fundamental Concept cards, my paint chip collection, my Healing Concept Cards]

Choose cards using your preferred method. In previous blog posts I’ve described variations on 9 card and 4 card selection techniques incorporating qualities of either improv or intuition. You can also shuffle cards and choose the top card card, look through the entire deck and choose a card that resonates with you, or some other process.

Card 1, using an image card: This card represents a current challenge in your life. What is the block and/or obstacle conveyed in the card?

Card 2, using a healing Concept Card: How can this function in addressing the challenge conveyed in card 1?

Card 3, add a Fundamental Concept Card: what is the lesson and meaning in the challenge you face?

Provide a title (can use paint chip deck for ideas).

How do these cards relate to your own life and any challenges you are currently facing? Explore these cards as you see fit. This exploration can include journaling and/or speaking aloud.

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