Card Play Practice: Card Identity

Decks: Fountain Tarot & my own Concept Cards
  1. Randomly choose 9 cards and lay them either face up or face down, depending on if you want to use the improv (face down) or intuition (face up) card selection technique.
  2. Pick a card by either:
    1. Improv technique: select a card and turn it over
    2. Intuition: turn all cards over and choose a card that resonates with you in some way and that you want to use to talk about yourself

3. Using the imagery in the card, describe yourself. Incorporate the imagery, lines, colors, shapes in your description. Tune in to the emotions and experiences conveyed in the selected image and relate them to yourself in this moment.


Draw a word concept card and see how that impacts or changes your understanding and meaning of the card and how it relates to you.

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